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This park has been a tourist destination for relaxation ever since the Japanese colonial days. It consists of a tourist information center, Japanese-styled open hot spring bath in the woods, outdoor performance stage and natural environment filled with lush green. A hot spring bath in the nature or simply a soak of feet in the hot water under the shade of trees makes a wonderful journey even better.

This part of Jiaoxi used to be called “Shaosuigou” or “Hot Water Ditch” literally. Back in the days, it was the artery of the first settlers in Jiaoxi. Dipping your feet in the hot water under the semi-open Chinese cypress pavilion while watching the performance of street performers is a warm blessing along the journey.

Xietian Temple was constructed in Qing Dynasty as approved by the Qing Government and now is a very important temple in northern Taiwan for worshiping Guan Yu. The spring and fall worshiping ceremonies that are conducted in accordance with ancient rules every year are important local events, as the “Siyi Dance” performed by 16 school children dressed like Guan’s family soldiers and the “Qiguei” or “Turtle Offerings (made of pastry)” in the spring ceremony are always attractions to many tourists.

Standing 500m high, the fall consists of 3 tiers. The name, Wufongchi, means 5 flags literally, which comes from its resemblance of flying flags. The beauty of flying water fall and flowing spring is just right in front of you as you walk along the trails filled with negative ions and phytoncides that are good for health. There are three levels of check dam where tourists and families come for the nice and cool water or a BBQ.

This trail is one of the many branches of the ancient Danlan Trail that have been restored. It meanders through the cliffs of a gorge, in a large patch of Taiwan Acacia and along a local farm road. Hikers on this trail get to enjoy the open landscapes of the Lanyang Plain and the majestic views of the Pacific and Gueishan Island (or Turtle Mountain literally). There are also some ruins left from hundreds of years of settlement history such as a ropeway and plank walks. If you come in winter, there is a good chance to appreciate the flaming cherry blossoms along the trail.