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Kaohsiung Main Public Library is an example of green architecture which combines plants, protection of the environment and culture. Its simple design and the natural scent of books create a tranquil, comfortable reading space. Warmth, the most beautiful of Kaohsiung's treasures, is not absent; there is a “thanksgiving tree” planted in recognition of the public's fund-raising to buy books to thank citizens and the public for their support. The library's first floor is a semi-open space, and a hanging garden which affords a view of the scenery of the harbor has been established on the top floor.

Kaohsiung’s most renowned shopping area, with the latest street fashion trends. New Jyuejiang neighbors the Kaohsiung Central Park and Urban Spotlight Arcade, and is a top choice for casual shopping trips.

The first building constructed in Taiwan by the British during the Qing Dynasty, the Dagou Former British Consular Residence is now one of the most popular historic and cultural museums in Taiwan. A beautiful red-brick building with a fusion of Eastern architecture forms.

On the western side of Kaohsiung, Cijin is a popular destination for all guests looking for a beachside vacation and relaxation. A 10-minute ferry ride away, Cijin neighbors excellent seafood restaurants and fresh seafood markets. The lighthouse and beautiful sunrise/sunset are also magnificent views.

The Dadong Art Center is a multi-functional art space, with performance halls, exhibition halls, and a unique art library. A must-visit site for travelers interested in the visual, sculptural, and performance arts.

The Dome of Light is a magnificent glass ceiling art piece at the Kaohsiung MRT transfer station for the Red and Orange MRT lines (Formosa Boulevard Station). A four-year project created by the renowned artist Narcissus Quagliata, the colored glass dome is the world's largest public art installation made from colored glass.

Once an old warehouse, the Pier-2 area was reborn as a creative hub of visual art, performance art, special exhibits, and the trendiest designs.

For the best view in town, visit the shrine and enjoy the beautiful harbor sights during the day or night. The famous “LOVE” sculpture is also a great photograph opportunity for lovers.

The harbors and wharfs are unique characteristics of Kaohsiung, and the Hong Mao harbor is the most representative harbor village. In 2007, Hong Mao Gang Village was relocated, and the original site became the port of the Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal. Ferries to the bay and guided tours are available to introduce the rich 100-year history of Kaohsiung Harbor.

Kaohsiung International Airport has many casual coffee shops nearby, and guests may freely enjoy delicious coffee and meals with a unique view of majestic airplane take-offs and landings.